Students at Dunraven School in South West London get an eco-upgrade to their school gym!

The Dunraven School located in Lambeth, South West London just got a new sports hall and gymnasium, but it’s not your typical gym. This sustainable structure, which took only 3 days to build, is made from brightly colored recycled shipping containers! Designed by Container City, SCABAL Architects and Furness Engineering, this green gym features four courts, a viewing gallery, a changing room and an office.

Why build a gym out of recycled shipping containers, you ask? Using recycled shipping containers was more cost effective for the school (in fact, it cost about half as much as a brand new gym would cost). Plus, the school wanted to emphasize the importance of recycling and sustainability to its students. Other green features of the gym include energy efficient lighting and heating controls, plenty of natural light and ventilation, and shower water that is reused for a water harvesting system.

The school was awarded the “Best Small Building Project” at the 2009 Building Industry Construction Awards.

It’s obvious that the students at Dunraven love the new gym, but so does the entire community. Community groups gather there on the weekend for various sports activities and to help promote the importance of sustainability in education.

I think that building any type of school structure from recycled shipping containers is a great idea, and I hope that more schools decide to follow in Dunraven’s footsteps.


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    Now that IS amazing. All in three days??

    I can see how easy it is to enclose a large area and throw a big roof over the whole thing. Really really neat idea.